BCNPT8060RF2 Reinforced/Repairable


Reinforced plastic half pallet with standard dimensions and optimised height. With this design, we Have managed to reduce the pallet height by 2 cm, allowing our customers to add a further product layer for certain references and thereby cut the number of unit load movements. It also allows for the transportation of more empty units during reverse logistics operations.

Product code / Ref:BCNPT8060-RF2
Size:(L) 800 mm   (W) 600 mm   (H) 140 mm
Weight:8.50 kg
Dynamic load:500 kg
Static load:1,500 kg
Racking load:500 kg
Retain edge:Part lip (option: customisable lip/no lip)
Packing per stack: 70
Other info: Reinforced, Nestable