(15 pcs) BCNPT1210-H61 – 1200×1000 £54.00 each – Free Shipping

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Stack of 15

High load capacity and resistant pallet measuring 1200×1000 mm, developed especially for the mass storage requiring high performance levels. Thanks to the ‘full perimeter’ runners this product is ideal for stacking up to 4 pallets, and can take the highest load values.

Product code / Ref: BCNPT1210-H61
Size: (L) 1200 mm   (W) 1000 mm   (H) 162 mm
Weight: 22.8 kg
Material: PP
Colour/s: Black
Dynamic load: 2000 kg
Static load: 8000 kg
Racking load: 1250 kg
Retain edge: Part lip (option: customisable lip/no lip)
Packing per stack: 15
Other info: 6 Bottom runners
Anti-slip pins
Anti-slip bands


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