Plastic Containers


Nestable Plastic Containers, Crates & Boxes

Our Nestable Plastic Containers are used all over the world by customers who wish to store and send goods in the most effective way. All our containers are manufactured to hygienic food grade material.

Stackable Plastic Containers, Crates & Boxes

The Stackable boxes are useful for many applications and are used in wide variety of industries including: catering, manufacturing, engineering, food and drink.

Collapsible Containers, Crates & Boxes

Our collapsible pallet boxes fold when empty offering space and fuel savings on return journey transportation. Foldable pallet boxes also offer excellent internal capacity solutions and are very sturdy, so will not collapse during use.

Closed Containers, Crates & Boxes

Suitable for many applications and are manufactured to the highest quality using, scratch-resistant plastic material. Smooth inner and outer walls ensure easy cleaning, non Collapsible & Non perforated and suitable for stacking.

Perforated Containers, Crates & Boxes

Containers with perforated slots are a great advantage when transporting and storing food. Additionally, liquids can drain from the plastic container easily and do not suffer with damp when stacked or stored.

Reusable Tote Containers, Crates & Boxes

The reusable totes are most cost-effective when they replace a constant cardboard need, for example when a health care system has a central distribution centre and uses new cardboard boxes to distribute materials to satellite locations.