plastic pallets

Original Plastic Pallets Manufacturer & Supplier in the UK

Beecraft UK Ltd was established in 1988, at a time when the plastic pallet was beginning to make an impact in the world of logistics.

Beecraft has developed in tandem with market requirements for plastic pallets and plastic crates for all kinds of storage applications around the world and currently supplies products to a vast array of industries including, but not exclusive to, flourmills, pharmaceutical companies and dairy farms.

In addition to plastic pallets and crates, Beecraft also supplies many companies with industrial safety products, freezer spacers, adjustable pallet cradles, plastic containers and creative packaging….. Read more


Returnable Packaging

returnable packagingHere at Beecraft in addition to all the great products we can supply you with – we also have Returnable Packaging.

All these pallets made by Beecraft are designed to be collapsible box containers made up of:

  • injection moulded pallets
  • possible anti-tilting beams for snap-in mounting
  • perimeter foldable belts in extruded PP with bellows
  • injection moulded lids

These products can be used for various applications; usually, they are used to replace heavy and cumbersome packages (iron or iron/wooden crates) or less resistant (cardboard boxes).

plastic pallets

The Benefits of Plastic Pallets

plastic pallets

plastic pallets by beecraft ltd

plastic pallets by beecraft

plastic pallets