Multi use pallet for many applications: PHARMACEUTICALS, CHEMICAL, MEAT, FOODS SNACKS. ELECTRONICS. Strong & durable can withstand deep freezing and steam cleaning.

We also have in stock – Corex Returnable Packaging for use with BCNPT 1280 LEP1

  • Easy handling with 4 way entry for pallet forks
  • Impervious to acids, fats, solvents and odours
  • Resistant to moisture, Insects, fungi and bacteria
Product code / Ref:BCNPT1280-LEP1
Size:(L) 1200 mm   (W) 800 mm   (H) 160 mm
Weight:7.15 kg
Dynamic load:800 kg
Static load:1500 kg
Racking load:150 kg
Retain edge:Part lip (option: customisable lip/no lip)
Packing per stack: 19
Other info:3 Bottom runners
Special crates rim