BCRB2000 – Road Barrier


Lightweight but very stable and durable, easily transportable and stackable, easy to install, UV resistant, 100% recyclable, removable and portable, Plastic Barriers from Beecraft are manufactured from Polypropylene, with a maximum 6.5 and 9.2 kg weight. Thanks to 360° swivel feet, they adapt perfectly to irregular floors, uneven grounds. Their strong and perfectly stable design, making them ideal for use as pedestrian barriers / crowd control barriers or as queue management for public events, airports and shopping malls.


Product code / Ref: BCRB2000
Size: (L) 1980 mm   (W) 480 mm   (H) 1021 mm
Colour/s: Yellow, Orange, Red, Green, Blue and White
Weight: 9.2 kg
Units Per Pallet: