Freezer Spacers

Freezer Spacers here at Beecraft

Freezer SpacersFreezer Spacers are a special plastic storage system designed for the fast and economical freezing of food and other products. The main purpose of plastic freezer spacers is to provide customers with the fastest and most economical means of freezing by ensuring products remain fresh for as long as possible, thereby reducing overall freezing costs.

You can save money and gain great business results with Beecraft’s range of freezer spacers.

Beecraft’s plastic freezer spacers also ensure the optimal and most effective freezing or defrosting of food or other frozen products. Our freezer spacers are non-toxic and are safe for freezing food products, and thanks to their clever construction, the best possible air circulation between freezing layers is guaranteed.

Their specially designed smooth plastic surface makes it impossible for mould to grow and therefore minimizes the accumulation of bacteria and they can also be easily washed and sanitized. They are made of a durable and 100% recyclable plastic material which ensures a longer life cycle of the product.
Beecraft’s freezer spacers are lightweight, easy to handle and nestable, meaning that storage space requirements are minimised.

By using freezer spacers supplied by Beecraft, you can gain substantial benefits for your company and save money and resources in the process.

Freezer spacers are available in either black or blue and come in sizes: 800 x 1200 x 50mm or 1000 x 1200 x 50mm

Weight: 3.15kg or 3.90kg

Sales by pallet stack of 100pcs.

Packing: 800 x 1200 x 2200mm high, total weight 315 and 390 kg.

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