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Buy plastic pallets


Plastic pallets made by Beecraft, the company based in Middlesex, UK are perfect solution for transportation and storage of any kind of goods. The number of companies that have chosen plastic pallets for their business is constantly growing from year to year. According of the market estimation in 2003 there were about 20 million pallets …

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Used plastic boxes suppliers

Pallet Boxes

  Beecraft, plastic storage system manufacturer and supplier, based in MIDDLESEX, UK, offers you plastic pallet boxes, cargo folds and accessories for pallet boxes like lids, liquid liners, ball valves, and several modifications of pallet boxes wheels. View Pallet Boxes.

industrial safety products online

Industrial Safety

Environmental regulations of many countries require from companies dealing with oil products, lubricants and other industrial liquids to use industrial safety products to prevent from leaks and spills. Beecraft’s industrial safety products will be useful for businesses like car shops, warehouses and other industrial enterprises. View our Industrial Safety Products.